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An all in one solution integrating sales, inventory and accounting.


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Why a software to manage my business?


Every bit of information is used to its best efficiency so most of your paperwork becomes useless.

Solution is responsive, you may use it on a desktop,  a tablet or a smartphone.

Better Communication

All data recorded is instantly available and shared among all users which greatly help communication.

Partner Management

Follow each partner’s activity in cash and goods, allowing to balance out discrepancies and split profit accordingly on a regular basis

Business Efficiency

LucyPOS is carefully designed to prevent any loss of time, inventory and cash. Interface has been designed to simplify your business and get a maximum of tasks fully automated.

Employee Performance

Employees get immediate feedback on their performance, so they improve faster and quickly less inventory is lost to items.

Customer Care

Employees are generally able to achieve more in less time, which enable them to spend more time taking care of customers while boosting their self-confidence and morale.

Easy Reporting

Every necessary report can be generated when you need it, no more export data, no more spreadsheets.

Smarter Decisions

Management gets all the reports to support business decisions with facts. Dashboard display gives you a clear view of how the business is doing, where the money is coming from and where it is going.

Users Control

Fine-grained role management allows you to delegate progressively more tasks to specific users, adapting easily to the day to day reality of your business.

LucyPOS provides you with a set of reports and controls that will allow you to manage your business in a simple and smart way. On-site or at distance, access powerful analytics and reporting.

With insights on everything, have your finger on the pulse to make the right decisions, quickly and accurately.

Point Of Sale (POS)

☑ Cash Drawer Management
☑ Split Checks
☑ Multiple printers
☑ Table Management

Inventory Management

☑ Menu Management
☑ Food Costing
☑ Kitchen Management


☑ Payable Accounts
☑ Receivable Accounts
☑ Simple Payroll Management


“The best POS system I have used-accounting, point of sale, and inventory all in one is a great tool. The time saved doing inventory and analyzing data makes it world class.”

– Anthony, EQUINOX

“Marc’s POS system has given us so many insights into our business which has really helped us improve pricing and sales. The best part is that he’s always on hand to give training and advice about his product, unlike many other downloadable POS systems.”


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